Our Approach: Using Video to Improve Your Golf Game – Serving Ramona, San Diego, and Beyond…

We at Ramona Golf Lessons truly believe that the golf swing is built from the ground up. It may sound like a cliche, but no one plays without a good foundation. We strive to help our clients understand that everything the lower body does effects the entire swing. The use of video and motion analysis makes this learning process much easier this is why it can help students improve up to 3 times faster than without video analysis.

Golf is like learning to play the piano…you don’t do it in one day and sound very good!

Every student is at a different stage when they come in. We understand that everyone has different abilities and physical makeup. That is why each program is individualized to that student. From the beginner to the established player, everyone can benefit from our personalized instruction.

Craig Frank (owner of RGL) on the value of using video:

What a person feels and actually does are two different things in the golf swing. The advent of the video camera was instrumental in teaching the golf swing. Even as a PGA member I was shocked the first time I went on video and the quick improvement. Seeing is truly believing. And now with the state of the art equipment used here at RGL you can really see the difference.